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ABOUT “Tony - Taste Of New York” An original Brand of LIFE Produce Inc. created for a Kitchen Bar ARS in Nishi Azabu.
The concept behind the brand is to bring my favorite foods from New York City and the US . Taste Of New York will present foods that hard to find in Tokyo.
Have you ever had a great Lasagna? Thick layers of meat sauce and ricotta cheese dripping with mozzarella cheese in Tokyo ? Baked Ziti? Chicken Parmigiana? Or Baked clams? These are just part of the Italian-American menu. I will also be presenting other ethnic foods into the menu so to have a variety.
Can't satisfy everyone but if you are from or have been to New York or the US then you will appreciate these foods that I am planning to put on the menu. I am tired of foods that relate to "When in Rome do as the Romans do" in this case Japan . There are plenty of places that provide that but "TONY" will be different. So let's enjoy tastes that we are have always loved.

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